We are committed to improving health for patients and improving patient empowerment and increasing their confidence in our products and technology. It is our absolute commitment to ensure we supply safe products to patients, customers, and healthcare professionals. As our DSM portfolio grows, we are committed to investing in performing clinical studies and post-market clinical studies in order to generate more data about our products.

Clinical studies available shortly

Our current clinical program includes the following studies.

SirTacEmboCept® S/ PlatiCept®DSM-TACE + Cisplatin vs. SIRT (SIR speres, 90Y) for liver metastases in advanced uveal melanomaPhase II, randomizedmulticentric
FASLEmboCept® S DSM 50 µmLung tumors vs. transarterial chemoperfusionProspective randomized monocentric comparative study
HEPASTAREmboCept® SHepatocellular carcinoma management with transarterial chemoembolization with degradable starch microspheres (DSM-TACE) Observational study

Clinical Evidence

We believe in sharing our scientific findings and are committed to cooperation with external partners, physicians and their organizations. Our scientific publications are available to all relevant parties.