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DSM are

Degradable Starch Microspheres

DSM technology creates solutions for patients and providers by leveraging cutting-edge technology and medical research. By combining different formulations with different active ingredients, DSM can be used to address currently unmet medical needs, providing patients and health care professional with effective and innovative treatment options.

Our DSM products are registered and approved as medical devices in a number of therapeutic areas

  • Drug accumulation in targeted tumor tissue
  • Embolization

  • Biochemical leakage indicator

DSM technology provides value for practitioners and patients

  • DSM are fully biodegradable, biocompatible starch microspheres developed to meet medical needs in several fields.
  • By adjusting production conditions, DSM properties can be modified.
  • This allows for the creation of different DSM formulations that are all combinable with a variety of different active ingredients and substances to generate novel DSM based products.
  • Use of DSM technology is supported by robust evidence.
  • While several DSM based products are registered and approved, research and development into new and innovative solutions to address currently unmet medical needs is ongoing.

DSM GelSpheres

  • Gel formulations have various medical
    applications, including:
  • In the body as surgical adjuvant or post-operative treatment formulation with an active ingredient
  • As a topical gel in or on a wound
  • They have mucosal and transdermal delivery options

DSM SuspensionSpheres

  • Suspension formulation
  • Remain stable in a swollen state in a suspension
  • Use on their own or combined with active ingredients, including highly potent drugs (eg, chemotherapy agents)
  • Compressible and flexible for safe delivery through a micro-catheter or a syringe

DSM PowderSpheres

  • Powder formulation
  • Can be combined with an active ingredient or directly formulated to have a biological effect as a powder (eg, surgical hemostat)
  • Used in different therapeutic areas including inhalation and nasal delivery
    for various drugs

DSM SolidSpheres

  • Solid formulation
  • Used as dissolvable films, sponges,
    and freeze-dried solids
  • Incorporate DSM and an active substance across a range of therapeutic areas