We innovate, develop, and market products for a sustainable healthy life

About us

Magle PharmaCept is a company that markets a high-quality innovative range of products within tumor diseases and surgical areas. Products are renowned for their therapeutic efficacy and good tolerability.

The company started as PharmaCept in 1999 believing that better therapies will improve the quality of life for patients. In 2021, when PharmaCept celebrated 22 years, Magle Group acquired PharmaCept, becoming Magle PharmaCept.

The story continues. Magle PharmaCept is always looking ahead, providing high quality products and services, and exploring new avenues for research and development. With a team of dedicated professionals and a commitment to excellence, it is determined to continue developing new products for innovative therapies, improving the lives of patients.

Magle PharmaCept continuously strives to innovate and bring life changing solutions to patients in need. Magle PharmaCept collaborates with healthcare professionals and research institutions to develop products and solutions to offer patients optimal therapy options.

Our values


We are innovative in how we work and find simple solutions to complex challenges.


We work closely with each other and with our partners to meet the needs of the healthcare market.


We are personally responsible for delivering on our commitments.

Safety and Quality

We provide outstanding products and services in line with all regulatory requirements.