Healthcare Professionals

Driven by science to develop and deliver innovative products and solutions for healthcare professionals to address unmet medical needs.

Our commitment

Our commitment extends beyond product development; we collaborate closely with healthcare professionals and experts to develop, test, and conduct clinical studies for our DSM (Degradable Starch Microspheres) products.

Together, we aim to bring healthcare-changing innovations to the patient in need. Ensuring improved patient outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

Our DSM products are approved as medical devices in a number of therapeutic areas



Wound care

Embolization Cases

Learn more about DSM-TACE Procedure and Lung & Liver Embolization by exploring case reprorts.

Pancreatic Surgery Cases

Read about Multivisceral Resection with Distal Pancreatectomy and SmartPAN®
Authors: PD Thomas .M. Pausch; Josefin El-Mahdy. University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany.