Meet Our Team Members

Constanze Matthes

Briefly introduce yourself.

“I am a biologist and did my PhD in immunology and worked at the university in Hannover, focusing on antigen-presenting cells from tumor patients. This marked my entry into the field of oncology, a focus for me. After 10 years in a biotech company as the head of manufacturing, producing antigen-presenting cells from cancer patients and applied them in clinical trials, I moved to Berlin and I’ve been working at pharma for 12 years, initially in medical science management and later transitioning to regulatory roles.”

When we asked about her professional experiences, she responded,

“In 2021, during the Magle acquisition of PharmaCept, I managed regulatory activities in EMEA, obtaining approvals in various countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, and Argentina. A notable success was changing the manufacturer for gaining approvals in Singapore and Argentina. One significant achievement was submitting for a new indication, lung embolization, with a focus on reducing side effects. Another impactful moment was contributing to the clinical data for the lung indication, resulting in the first chemoembolization materials for this indication.”

Constanze highlighted the unique advantage of our product, stating,

“The unique advantage of our product lies in its clinical effectiveness with minimal side effects. This is evident in its successful application for different indications like Transarterial chemoembolization of liver and lung tumors. I take pride in our product’s contribution to the oncology field, not just in extending survival but enhancing the quality of life for patients. The focus should be on well-tolerated treatments that allow patients to live their lives without struggling with side effects.”

Fun/Personal Fact

“Apart from my professional life, I am passionate about family and have hobbies like gardening and handcrafts, particularly knitting. I find relaxation in creating handmade items, passing this interest on to my children as a way to unwind from computer-related work.”

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